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Conditions of 200% Guarantee

Because we are 200% SURE in the services that we offer, we can GUARANTEE them at 200%.

If you book a hotel through ALL4GO’s system and the hotel does not have your reservation, we guarantee you:

1. We find for you a similar hotel
2. We’ll refund your money

so You Get 200% GUARANTEE.

We can do it because we are SURE of services that we provide.

Conditions of applying guarantee:

At the client arrival the hotel doesn’t have the reservation and the hotel confirms (in written form) that
they didn’t have this reservation. The guarantee is applied only for hotels reservation.

Conditions of when the guarantee does not apply:

  • The hotel made overbook (in this case the hotel has the obligation to find you other similar hotel)

  • The client have canceled the reservation

  • The client made changes at the hotel without the approval of ALL4GO (he added one more room, he change the rooms booked with ALL4GO)

  • The client arrived at the hotel after 11pm and he didn’t warned ALL4GO or the hotel about the late arrival in written form

  • The client didn’t came the 1st night at the hotel

  • The client didn’t arrive at the hotel at all

  • The client change the guest name’s without ALL4GO approval

  • The hotel at the desk tells to the client that they don’t have the reservation and after the found itdiscussion with ALL4GO they have

  • If the client does not announce ALL4GO about the situation at the hotel and finds another hotel on their own

  • The client has book a room for X persons but at their arrival they are Y persons. (for example : the reservation is for 2 but they are arriving 3 or 4 at the hotel)

The guarantee is applied for the room reservation (place) at the hotel and not the type of the room (twin
or dbl), the quality of the hotel, the services that they proposed.


Each client has the responsibility to check the hotel before their arrival and the choice of the hotel is the responsibility of the client.


We guarantee the room reservation.

Procedure to apply the Guarantee:

  • When the guests are on the spot, and the hotel tells that they don’t have the reservation, the clients have to call their travel agency and the travel agency has to call immediately the Emergency Phone Number of ALL4GO.

  • Our “In Resort” department will contact the hotel and the solution will be find in very short time

  • If the hotel will confirm in written form that they never had this reservation, our “In Resort” department will find a new hotel for the client and the client will be refunded in max. 30 days after the check out.

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